Welcome to the official page of Szilveszter Rallye 2023


27-29 december 2023.


Today, the organizing committee reviewed the safe conduct of the planned competition, consulted and listened to the
comments of the owners of the available areas, as well as additional problems arising from the forced change of location,
and came to the following decision:

The weather conditions of the past few weeks have created a situation in viewing points, parking lots, rescue and
other traffic routes that were not used before for the competition, but are now essential, which endanger the safe
operation, and there is no way to restore them or to find new locations due to the upcoming holidays. .
For the organizing committee, the safety and usual high standards of our spectators, competitors and the event are of primary importance, which cannot be ensured under the current circumstances.


The “new structure” of the competition received a lot of negative criticism from the racing community, which confirmed to us that the Hungaroring can only be the home of this event, so Szilveszter Rallye will also close its gates to hopefully be reborn in the future.


Entry fees will be 100% refunded today.