Welcome to the official page of Szilveszter Rallye 2023


27-29 december 2023.


Dear rallyfans!


Due to the renovation of the Hungaroring, related to previous plans and information, the conduct of the New Year’s Rallye 2023 will change. Within the territory of the Hungaroring, neither the Special stage, nor the service park, nor the rent of the service boxes are currently available.


We plan to set up the HQ , service park, admin and tech. checks in the surrounding villages (Fót, Mogyoród), the usual test will take place as well. There are 2 types of special stages planned in approx. 50 km.

Program plan:

2023 12 27. optional administrative check and recce

2023 12 28. recce, technical check, official test.

2023 12 29 race start at 7:30 a.m., prize giving ceremony around 7:00 p.m.


We ask for your patience until further details are published.

According to our plans, we would like to continue to offer tol et start amateur drivers and veteran  cars as well.

Follow our official websites at www.szilveszterrallye.hu and https://www.facebook.com/szilveszterrallye.