WRC2 Pro World Champion 2019, Kalle Rovanperä is to be there at Szilveszter Rally

The 19-year-old Finnish Skoda Fabia R5 driver desires to say goodbye to the brand with a final win at Hungaroring

WRC2 Pro World Champion 2019, Kalle Rovanperä is to be there at Szilveszter Rally!

It seems the most exciting battle ever is to be organized at Hungaroring between 27 and 29 December since this year’s WRC2 Pro World Champion is also to join Szilveszter Rally, organized for the 21st time. Kalle Rovanperä is to say goodbye to Skoda as the driver of the Slovakian RUFA Sport team, which he aims to make unforgettable with a final win at the end-of-the-year race in Mogyorod.

Only a few days left until Szilveszter Rally is to begin. According to the traditions, the end-of-the-year event, held for the 21st time already, is to take place between 27 and 29 December at Hungaroring. Everybody can be sure even now that this timet he race is to take to another level in 2019. The competition is to candidate this year to be the part of the international series of Alpok- Adria Rally Cup, while in 2020 it is to be the final destiantion of AARC. Next year, events are to be organized in four countries and according to the traditions, Szilveszter Rallye, held between 27 and 29 December, is to be the final, 8th place to visit by drivers.

And it it all would not be enough, present Hungarian Rally Champion and former three times winner of the event –in 2014, 2016 and 2017- Ferenc Vincze is to race for the first time with hus future racing car, a VW Polo R5.

Also spectators, visiting the event, are to be the witnesses of a sport historical moment as this year’s Szilveszter Rallye is to welcome a world champion, as well. WRC2 Pro category World Champion 2019, Kalle Rovanperä is to say goodbye to Skoda at Hungaroring. The 19-year-old Finnish driver is to race with Ott Tanak’s production Toyota at WRC next year. Both Rovanperä and the team would like to make the farewell memorable and the world champion aims to win the event in Mogyorod with his co-driver, Noora Korhonen. The last time with the Skoda Fabia R5, which flew him to the top.

The young, Finnish driver has rally in his veins, since his father, Harri Rovanperä was also a famous driver, who also won a WRC event –in 2001 Rally Sweden- and reached the podium 15 times. Kalle already won the Latvian R2 Championship and in 2016 and 2017 he became the overall champion in Latvia. This year he finished 12th at WRC while in Portugal he was the 6th.

’The Slovakian RUFA team contacted us and let us know that they would like Kalle to say goodbye to Skoda among memorable circumstances. Of course, they set conditions but we were happy to satisfy them, so now we can state proudly that this year’s Szilveszter Rallye will have the greatest bunch of drivers ever.- said Andras Furedi, one of the Chief- organizers of the event.

More news about the event is the MTVA team, which is to race for the first time at a rally event. Korda Racing Team is to provide the Skoda to the reporter of Hungary’s state owned national television service, Peter B. Nemeth, who is to have more co-drivers on his side, including also professional sportspersons. The TV company is preparing for the event with excitement, where they are to be a course car ont he six stages.

’As Szilveszter Rallye is coming closer, I am getting more and more excited. I am always looking at drivers with some jealousy and admiration and I have been lucky to have some fun drives on the side of Vili Cseh, jr. and David Botka. The fact that I can try myself as a driver is an extremly exciting and great challenge for me. My partner always warns me since according to her, I drive aggressively on public roads. However, I suspect, our speed is not even to be similar to those, who are professionals but apart from this, my hands start trembling when I just get the thought that this time, I am also going to be a driver. What is sure, the end of this year will not be memorable for me only because of Christmas. Finally, I would like to say thank you for All, who makes this crazy idea come ture. I am trying to gratitude it by having an enjoyable drive and not crashing the car.’- said Peter B. Nemeth.


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